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Houston Catalytic Converters

Do you need a new catalytic converter so your car, truck or SUV will meet emissions regulations? Mayco Xtreme Motorsports offers a comprehensive array of catalytic converter services, including sales, installation, repair and replacement. Whether you need emergency service for an upcoming inspection or your device was recently stolen, you can count on our team of knowledgeable mechanics to correct any issues quickly and affordably.


Why It's Important

Catalytic converters are devices that are designed to reduce the poisonous gases that are produced by internal combustion engines. These devices use a catalyst to create a chemical reaction that transforms over 90% of a vehicle's harsh gas emissions into less dangerous gases.

Extensive Expertise

At Mayco Xtreme Motorsports, our team is trained to work on vehicles that meet the federal emissions standards (49 states), as well as the much stricter California emissions requirements. We're experienced working with a variety of styles of converters, including direct fit and universal.



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Replacing Stolen Catalytic Converters

Unfortunately, catalytic converter theft is common in Houston, due to their precious metal content. Made of palladium, platinum and rhodium, they have high street value on the black market. If you are the victim of such theft, it's imperative to replace the device promptly as catalytic converters are legally required on all cars, trucks and SUVs according to federal regulations.

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